101 Things

For the full explanation of the 101 Things list, go here. My 1,001 days ends April 1, 2015.
Updated January 7, 2015.  Thirty-one down, 70 to go.
  1. Teach a college course.
  2. Lose 10 pounds and keep it off for six months (10/10 pounds, 2/6 months).
  3. Lose 20 pounds and keep it off for six months (0/20 pounds, 0/6 months).
  4. Complete the Couch 2 5K program.
  5. Run a 5K.
  6. Get a new car. (10/26/12. I didn't do this one on purpose, but it happened anyway. My van was totaled after a car accident, and I got a cute 2008 Pontiac G6 to replace it.)
  7. Purchase a laptop. (11/24/12. I finally caved on Black Friday. I'm so glad I did.)
  8. Paint three rooms in my house (0/3).
  9. Set up my sewing room.
  10. Get a divorce. (1/7/15. 361 days after I told the ex I was leaving him, our divorce was finalized. Yay!)
  11. [Redacted]
  12. Learn to sew two pieces of clothing (0/2)
  13. Purge the house of excess crap three times (2/3. 1/17/14; I'm counting the move as a purge. 7/3/14-7/5/14; I spent my child-free Fourth of July weekend cleaning out my garage, dumping old "keepsakes," and taking an obscene amount of crap to Goodwill.).
  14. Have a garage sale.
  15. Visit three new states (1/3. I went to upstate New York to visit at friend in late September '14).
  16. Eat at five new restaurants (4/5. B and I went to Mancy's Steakhouse for a date night on 1/4/13; it was AMAHHHHH-ZING. Crush Winebar with Laura on 6/15/13; the food was good, but was a bit much for my picky palate. Sava's in June '14; I had the grilled barramundi, and the banana coconut risotto that came with it may have been one of the most delicious things I've ever put in my mouth. Spaghetti Warehouse, July '14. What? It totally counts as new...I'd never been there before!).
  17. Cook dinner three nights a week for three months (0/12 weeks).
  18. Take a sign language class.
  19. Learn basic carpentry.
  20. Donate to five charities (5/5; Cystinosis Research Network in November '12; Legal Information Institute in January '13 (and June '14); some other charity that I can't recall at the moment in March '13; Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk in September '13; and my local bar association's family holiday assistance program).
  21. Find a regular volunteering opportunity. (September '14. I've started regularly volunteering for a pro bono legal program that's doing some cool stuff with online legal advice. It's something I can do a few times a month on my lunch hours. I enjoy it.)
  22. Get a tattoo. (1/7/15. I told myself I wouldn't get my second tattoo until my divorce was final. Approximately five hours after it was, I got inked.)
  23. Go skydiving.
  24. Take a Spanish class.
  25. Cross stitch three stockings (0/3).
  26. Randomly send a card to someone once a month (2/33).
  27. Buy a grown-up suit. (6/8/12. I bought a nice suit to wear to an interview for a job I didn't get. I kinda want to burn that suit now, even though I look fantastic in it.)
  28. Buy a grown-up pair of heels. (August 2013. I was in the middle of an obnoxious trial and was feeling sorry for myself, so I went shopping for a new suit. I also bought a cute pair of nice, adult-looking, nude heels. I'll count it.)
  29. Attend the ballet. (12/15/13. The Nutcracker, baby. I've wanted to go since I was probably eight, and I finally bought tickets. It was worth every penny.)
  30. Read one non-work-related book a month (33+/33. I'm way past my 33 books. I love reading.).
  31. Attend an opera. (October '14. A colleague of mine mentioned one Friday night at the bar that she had an extra opera ticket for later that evening, and asked me to go. I went and I loved it.)
  32. Visit a foreign country.
  33. Visit three museums (1/3. Toledo Museum of Art in July '14.).
  34. Redo landscaping.
  35. Paint basement.
  36. Complete Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course.
  37. Find a working budget and stick to it for six months (5/6 months).
  38. Take three sessions of ballet classes (0/3)
  39. Take boys to the zoo 10 times (3/10).
  40. Take boys to the science museum 10 times (1/10).
  41. Attend a blogging conference.
  42. Meet a blog friend in real life. (I met Laura on 6/16/13. Also Doing My Best on 1/11/14. Yay!)
  43. Work out three days a week for three months (0/12 weeks).
  44. Go gluten and refined sugar free.
  45. Get head shots taken. (September '14. I had some shots taken for my bar association's most recent composite picture. I'm counting it.)
  46. Get a good family portrait.
  47. Get a new job.
  48. Throw one kick-ass party.
  49. Purge boys' clothes and toys every other month (4/16).
  50. [Redacted]
  51. Go on a real vacation.
  52. Visit my BFF two times (2/2. Surprise Ph.D. defense trip 4/10/13. And the fabulous weekend road trip for her 30th birthday on 4/25/14.).
  53. Go to Spring Lodge for a week.
  54. Buy a plant and keep it alive for six months (6/6 months. R gave me a plant for Mother's Day. It's currently alive. We'll see how long that lasts. Update: I did it! It's dead now (I didn't think to bring it in when it got cold and frosted), but I made it six months!!!).
  55. Buy a bike.
  56. Convert small bedroom into a playroom (Done! 11/24/13).
  57. Shampoo carpets and furniture every six months (0/5).
  58. Reconnect with two old friends (0/2).
  59. Visit three local attractions I've never been to (1/3. 577 Foundation in July '14.).
  60. Sell or donate all old baby stuff.
  61. Make a vision board.
  62. Get rid of my magazine stash. (1/17/14. I tossed them all when I moved.)
  63. Own one ridiculously expensive purse, pair of shoes, sunglasses, or other accessory. (January 2013. I bought myself an awesome Michael Kors purse (at TJMaxx for 1/3 of the retail price...but no one needs to know that) as a "Yay, I got a raise!" present for myself. Even at TJ's price, I consider it ridiculously expensive.)
  64. Finalize my will.
  65. Find a church.
  66. Find the perfect preschool for W. (February 2012; his current daycare is the perfect place for him, AND has a preschool program!)
  67. See a movie by myself (I went to see Neighbors on Mother's Day (5/11/14) because I didn't have anything better to do. Solo movie-going wasn't nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be.)
  68. Go to a concert.
  69. Give blood eight times (6/8).
  70. Get a facial. (December 2012. It was lovely and I would definitely do it again.)
  71. Learn to apply make-up properly.
  72. Start college funds for both boys. (7/2/12. I won a giveaway from CollegeAdvantage, and now each boy has a college fund worth exactly $50 dollars. Woo!)
  73. Put money in college funds every week for three months (0/12 weeks).
  74. Give up pop for a month (0/30 days).
  75. Get life insurance.
  76. Take the boys on a train ride.
  77. Repair back porch and steps by myself.
  78. Get a psychic reading.
  79. Go away for a weekend all by myself.
  80. Go on a cruise.
  81. Sew curtains for the bedrooms (0/3 rooms).
  82. Learn how to crochet or knit.
  83. Go ice skating.
  84. Go apple picking (Went apple picking and got to meet my mom's boyfriend all at the same time. 10/20/13).
  85. [Redacted]
  86. Go to Cedar Point with the kids.
  87. Go to Cedar Point without the kids. (8/25/12. I went with my bestie from law school and had a great time. I also spent the least money I've ever spent at CP. It was epic.)
  88. Ask a friend on a date at least once every three months (1/11).
  89. Judge at a state speech tournament. (3/1/12. I got lucky and got asked to go this year. It was as awesome as I thought it would be, and I really hope I get to do it again.)
  90. [Redacted]
  91. Find the perfect preschool for R.
  92. Get rid of cable. (1/17/14. I can't afford cable now, so it's gone. Whee!)
  93. Dance in pointe shoes.
  94. Cancel all magazine subscriptions (except Cooking Light). (I'm pretty sure I've done this...I haven't renewed anything that's come due this year, and I haven't gotten any more subscriptions.)
  95. Find a mentor.
  96. Cook one recipe from every cookbook/cooking magazine I own (0/eleventy billion).
  97. Wear an accessory every day for a month (30/30 days. I did this in March '13. It was uneventful).
  98. Get a manicure.
  99. Get a pedicure (My Mom and I went for pedis on 4/18/14).
  100. Earn back all advanced vacation time. (Mid-August 2012. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but I'm now out of vacation hour debt!)
  101. Pay off my car early. (10/26/12. Again, not done on purpose, but my van was paid off early! That probably doesn't count, but it's my list, so I'm crossing it off anyway.)


Amy said...

Come visit me! We'll get pedicures, psychic readings, and if Canada counts, we can take a jaunt up there and cross some of these off!

The Writer Chic said...

Wanna work on #42? I'd be happy to meet you for kid-free coffee, or kid-filled playdate.

I'm not sure how you found my blog (do we have mutual friends?), but I'm pretty sure we haven't met in real life, but since we are both from Sylvania, I think that is a no brainer to knock out the real-friend-through-blogging goal.

twisterfish said...

Oh I love this idea. You have some awesome things on this list. Inspiring!