Monday, May 5, 2014

Bits and blurbs - long time gone edition

I keep meaning to write. Truly I do. But I tend to have this problem where my poor, dear internet can't handle both me watching TV and me being on the web at the same time without spazzing, so it's difficult to do much writing in the evenings (because I'm watching TV). Let's get to this.

  • I went on a wonderful weekend road trip last weekend for my BFF's 30th birthday. It was great. I haven't made a long drive by myself in many years, and I'd forgotten how much I love being on the road. The house we stayed in was gorgeous, and Saturday was pretty much a perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, we went hiking (which almost killed me, but the day was so good that even near-death in a Deliverance-esque area wasn't enough to bring me down), had an awesome lunch out, watched a movie, hung out, made dinner, had a campfire, made s'mores - perfect.

  • The movie we watched was Pitch Perfect. I'm ashamed to admit that I loved it. (Not really.)

  • After a super-awesome weekend, I was brought roughly back to reality on Sunday night. Oh, life. Never change. (And by that, I mean knock it the hell off).

  • I went to a lawyer conference last week. It was my first official conference, and I was sort of underwhelmed. I did, however, enjoy my two nights in a hotel and the free booze.

  • I know every workplace has them, but there are people at work who care far too much about the things that I'm doing at work, despite the fact that these things have absolutely no effect on them, their jobs, or their ability to carry out their tasks. I'm so annoyed by this that I've created a helpful little flowchart for people to consult before they worry about what I'm doing. Feel free to distribute it to your coworkers.

  • On the topic of work, I got myself in a massive little snit over something a couple of weeks ago, and have been furiously sending out resumes to any job opening that I might possibly maybe be marginally qualified for, regardless of location (within reason). Not surprisingly, the response has been underwhelming.

  • Do you know how discouraging it is to see a job you'd be pretty perfect for and that you're super interested in re-posted on a job board three days after the application deadline?

  • I'm never going to find another job, am I?

  • Which is fine for about four more years, but then I'll be out on my ass with no marketable skills and completely unemployable. *Sigh*

  • Why, yes, it has been a while since my last therapy appointment. Why do you ask?

  • My stress level has been at an 11 for the past week-ish, and it's really interfering with my ability to eat (and retain) food. It's either that, or I've got some obnoxious stomach bug that won't go away.* I'm hoping for stomach bug because that means there might be an end in sight.

  • The stress is also doing wonderful things for my skin. Though I adore the acne, I really wish there was some way to convince my skin that it's 31, not 13. Blerg.

  • There is little I hate more in this world than installing and removing car seats.

  • Other than all that, life goes on around these parts. I wish I had exciting developments to report on all things, but there's nothing doing at the moment. Soon! Maybe. I hope...

* I refuse to believe that it might be a four-plus-day, intestinally-focused hangover from my night of binge drinking on Thursday. It can't be, right?

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april said...

That is an excellent flowchart. This is a prevalent occurrence at most workplaces.

And Pitch Perfect was a great movie, except for the gratuitous vomit. I hate that.