Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The word, 2014 edition

So here we are. Another year done, another word I failed to live up to. But after three years, I've determined that focusing on a word for the year works slightly better for me than making resolutions, so I'm doing it again this year.

This year's word needs a bit of explanation. I month or so ago, I borrowed We Are Water from the library. I didn't know much about it and hadn't read any Wally Lamb, but a waiting list of 60+ people seemed like a good sign. I thought it was ok. I little more God-y than I tend to like in my fiction, but not too bad. After that, I added a couple of other Wally Lamb books to my reading list. I wasn't a huge fan of The Hour I First Believed (again, too God-y, and, sweet mother, are his books long!), but I liked I Know This Much is True. Something in it struck me. Ok, two things struck me. The first was this, which lodges itself in my brain every time I read that title. The second was this handful of passages:
'No, no, no. ... Shiva represents the reproductive power of destruction. The power of renovation. Which is why he's here in this room, where we dismantle and rebuild.' [Therapist to main character, p. 226.]
'With destruction comes renovation.' [Note from therapist to main character, p. 509-510.]
Renovate your life, the old myths say, and the universe is yours. [p. 896 - told you his books are long!]
The destroy-to-rebuild thing resonates with me for some reason, and I think it fits nicely with what I'm facing and what I need to do in the upcoming year. So that's why I've chosen "renovate" for my 2014 word.
Renovate transitive verb \ˈre-nə-ˌvāt\ : to make changes and repairs to ... so that it is back in good condition; to restore to life, vigor, or activity; revive.
Bring it, 2014. I intend to renovate the shit out of you.

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Swistle said...

Good one! Similar in to the gardening concept of pruning: removing (destroying) parts of the plant for better overall plant health.