Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas! New Year's! Vacation! Hooray!

I've been wanting to recap Christmas for you (like every other blogger on the planet), but I was putting it off so I could show you pictures. Well. The problem with that is my camera seems to have...disappeared. I know I used it on the 22nd when Santa visited our house (he comes early because we aren't home on Christmas morning. Santa's a pretty accommodating guy). I know I forgot to take it with me when I went to the in-laws' on Christmas Eve. And I know that it's not anywhere that I would have put it. So no pictures.

Oh, wait! One picture. Here's our Christmas card from this year:

I wasn't planning to do a card because our hilarious Santa pictures weren't going to be done on time (and the photographer didn't seem to grasp that I needed her to provide me with the digital file of the picture if I paid for the copyright release. I GET that the release covers the images. But I can't just conjure a .jpeg from thin air, lady! *Ahem*). Then my mom and I took the boys to see The Nutcracker on the 15th and we saw two little girls getting their picture taken in front of the tree in the lobby. Mom commented that it would be a good card picture, and we made it happen. My mom clearly isn't a master photographer, but it worked well enough.

Anywho, Santa came to our house the Sunday before Christmas, and the children made out well. They got a Thomas train track set that came with seven or eight engines (four came with the set, the rest were randomly collected by me throughout the year), a Flashlight Friend each (puppy for R - which broke in approximately 24 hours and is out of stock everywhere, FYI - and penguin for W. As a note, these stupid things are blindingly bright, and if Santa had known that before buying them, he might not have brought them), a Hot Wheels/Matchbox set apiece, a Mike the Knight castle for R, and the Octonauts Gup A submarine thingy for W. They also got a Kindle Fire (so they'll leave mine alone!) and some pants from Mom and Dad. They did well. (I feel compelled to mention that I didn't pay nearly as much as the currently listed website prices for any of their toys. I was proud of how little I ended up spending. Totally under budget this year!) B got me the watch I wanted (it's prettier in person), and I got him a wallet and a set of ratchet wrenches.

Christmas at the in-laws' on Christmas Eve and at my mom's on Christmas Day were also lovely, with the execption of the case of pink eye R decided to develop after all the urgent cares near our home town closed on Christmas Eve. B and I discovered that we knew my sister's baby daddy/fiance in high school when he had a crush on me and told people he was a Jedi knight, though it took awhile because he goes by his middle name now and looks kind of different. It all came together late on Christmas night with the help of Facebook. Facebook:  Assisting Successful Stalking Since 2004.

Thursday night was a group of friends' annual MFNO (Mexican Fiesta Night Ole), which was a lot of fun. My general weenie-ness and dislike of Mexican food once again saved my evening because I ate before going to the restaurant and didn't have to wait until 9:00 for dinner (which is a marked improvement over last year's 10:30 p.m. dinnertime, but still caused crankies). I was proud of myself for enjoying two margaritas and still being able to soberly drive myself home (B decided to be a turd and stay home, even though I actually invited him this year).

I woke up Friday morning with a miserable cold/sinus yuck that the boys also caught. By Saturday, it had devolved into nothing (R), miserable cold/sinus yuck with low grade fever (me), and miserable cold/sinus yuck with fever and puking (W). The boys were both fine by Sunday when I woke up with my throat on fire and a continued low grade fever. B worked all weekend, so he got to miss all the sickly fun at our house.

That brings us to today, when the boys went back to daycare (HALLELUJAH!) and I did all of our Christmas returns (except for the effing puppy Flashlight Friend that I can't find ANYWHERE, and thus can't exchange), had a lunch meeting, went to a new judge's swearing in ceremony, and spend some quality time at the bar with some lawyer friends.

Tomorrow, we're taking the boys to a movie (either Frozen or Walking With Dinosaurs. I asked tonight whether they want to see the snow princess movie or the dinosaur movie, and R promptly screamed, "DI-SAURS!" while W simultaneously screamed, "SNOW PRINCESS!" This is pretty typical for our house), and hanging out at home until midnight or the time the children meltdown, whichever occurs first.

I'm off of work until January 6, and I plan to spend my last two kid-free days this week cleaning up the Christmas detritus and continuing to pretend my job doesn't exist.

Three million words later, I'll sum up by saying:  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may you, too, be allowed to escape from your soul-killing monotonous stimulating and fulfilling occupation for a few blessed days.