Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey, I haven't talked about my butt in a while!

Oh, yes. The butt saga continues. Yes, it's been four-and-a-half months since my surgery. And, yes, I'm still having a significant amount of pain. I went back to the orthopedist yesterday, and he basically told me to suck it up and keep on healing.

The doc told me he had a patient in for something wholly unrelated to the bum, and found out she's had the same surgery I did. It took her three months to get completely better, and that's without chasing small children, an incision that refused to heal, and an edge-of-the-bathtub-related trauma.

(I don't think I told that tale. I was taking the shower curtain down a few weeks ago, and as I stepped from the edge of the tub to the floor, the bath mat slipped, and I landed, area-formerly-occupied-by-my-tailbone...first. It hurt. It also apparently caused a bunch of swelling and irritation. Before that, I was actually feeling really good. But! When I went to the doc this week, he told me all the swelling and redness that was there at my last visit was gone. Progress!)

Basically, he thinks that I'm probably on track, healing-wise, given this other patient's experience and my collection of fairly significant setbacks. I go back in six weeks. We're all hoping the pain is gone by then. If it's not, I might cut someone. I mean, come on. Six months is more than enough.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Brain dumping. Again.

Two posts in a week! Whooo, boy! You guys aren't going to know what to do with yourselves, I'm sure.

But don't get too excited. It's just more blurbs (but in paragraph form! Ooooooo!). I need to come up with a cute name for these types of posts and do them regularly, a la Laura and BA, so it looks like my slack-ass posting is intentional.

W's new daycare seems to be going well for him so far. I know they must be doing a bunch of sensory-seeking stuff with him because he's always talking about "boinging" (uh, just jumping, as far as I can tell), skipping, and rolling on the floor. I hope they can get him an eval with the in-house therapists soon because I'm starting to doubt that our current OT has any plans to really help with his sensory problems, which I think are more pressing than the fine motor skills she spends all her time working on. And/or I need to talk to his old (fabulous) OT about what I need to tell the new OT to get the types of therapies that are more necessary for him right now.

R seems to be adjusting well to being without his brother at daycare. They even told me that some of W's more unfortunate habits (like melting down over stupid stuff) that R had started doing have stopped. He has a little girl there who adores him, and I think having another close friend to play with helps.

Unfortunately, the routine change has brought with it sleep problems. It is taking W forever to fall asleep (he's upstairs whining for me with his crocodile tears as we speak), and he's waking up in the middle of the night. This hasn't really been a problem for months, so I had gotten a little spoiled. Now I'm back to no solid nights of sleep hell. It also takes almost an hour to get him in bed and close to sleeping. I think he's rubbing off on R, too, who has taken to not wanting to sleep at bedtime (usually 7:30-ish), but staying awake and partying in his crib until about 9:00 when he finally passes out. I'm so lucky R hasn't tried to climb out of his crib yet. That's the only think keeping that boy contained during the bed time mess.

Per usual, we didn't do anything for Valentine's Day. I remembered Monday morning that I need to get the boys cards for their classes, so I spent my lunch hour drowning in the 'Mart's Valentines hell. But cards were procured for each boy, I got them each a little V-Day present (cars. Shocking), picked up a little something for B with the vain hope that maybe he would reciprocate this year (to no avail), and got little gifts for the teachers, since I didn't have time to bake them treats, like I normally would. Everything got put together and sent to the appropriate care facility without incident. W has been thoroughly enjoying the suckers he got in his haul. B said Happy Valentine's Day to me when he got up in the morning, more or less ignored my present (I left it on his chair to surprise him before work. He opened one end enough to see what it was, then left it on the table. Also never gave me a thank you or any sort of acknowledgment that I left him a gift. Jerk face.), and that was about it for the day.

In therapy the other day, I made a fairly big realization about the differences between B and I and our "health" problems. The way my counselor laid it out really stuck with me. It mostly boils down to I'm healing and he's not, which is a problem if we want a sustainable relationship. Gave me more stuff to think about.

The work drama I eluded to a while back has settled down (I think). It was dumb and involved people sticking their noses where they don't belong, and while I don't think the nose problems have stopped, I have some better perspective on all sides of the issue.

I get to judge at a fairly large speech tournament this weekend, and I'm excited for it. I also get to judge at the state tournament for the first time ever in a few weeks (squee!). Aaaaand, I'm still an absolute nerd.

I'm thinking it's bedtime. I thought it was Thursday, but it's not, so none of my Thursday shows are on, so there's really no reason to remain conscious. 'Night all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Titillating conversations

I've never been shy about letting the kids see me when I'm running around au naturale. I'm pretty sure I abandoned the concept of "modesty" while laboring with W (seriously, I didn't care who saw what when I was trying to get that damn kid out, and it's sort of stuck with me). And I spent a solid 18 of W's 39.5 months of life running around topless (or feeling like I was, anyway) while I nursed him and his brother. So the boys have seen all of my bits. When they ask questions, I try to give anatomically correct answers and not giggle like a 12-year-old boy.

With that background, it's no surprise that I've had the following conversations with the three-year-old recently.

Convo 1:
(I was getting W diapered, lotioned, and jammied after his bath, and was sort of leaning over him. I was also wearing a tank top and no bra).

W (grabbing the front of my tank top and pulling me forward so he could look down my shirt):  Mommy, dose you [clearly struggling to come up with the correct word] meetins?
Me:  No, those aren't mittens. Those are my nipples.
W:  W have neeples?
Me:  Yep, you have nipples.
W:  Bruh-rur have neeples?
Me:  Yes, R has nipples.
W:  Neeples feed baby.
Me:  Sometimes nipples feed babies.
W:  Neeples feed R!
Me:  Yes, when R was a baby, he ate from my nipples.
W:  Oh, ok! (that's how pretty much every conversation with him ends anymore)

Convo 2:
(This was a few days later. I was again getting him dressed, but I wasn't wearing anything that made it possible for the kid to see my nips).

W:  Mommy have neeples.
Me:  Yes, I do have nipples, W.
W:  Neeples feed baby.
Me:  They do.
W:  W have neeples.
Me:  Yup.
W:  I feed baby wif my neeples!
Me (suppressing the urge to laugh heartily):  Maybe some day, bud.

These exchanges surprised me for several reasons. First, I was shocked that he remembered the whole "nipples feed babies" thing. It's been almost a year since I stopped nursing R, and he hasn't been around any other nursing moms since. Second, I was (pleasantly) surprised that he made the logical progression of Mom fed a baby with her nipples, I have nipples, so I can feed a baby with my nipples! Watching how hard he was concentrating during these talks was so cute.

Now, if I could get him as interested in peeing in the potty as he is in nursing a baby, I'd be golden.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The daycare story

Been a while, huh? Sorry about that.

This week's big news is that we moved W to a new daycare. It's an actual center (as opposed to the in-home center he used to be at), which made me nervous for a whole host of reasons, but so far, everything seems to be going well. This place specializes in kids with sensory processing issues. All of the staff have sensory integration training, they really focus on making sure the kids get in a lot of heavy work every day, and - the best part, as far as my schedule is concerned - they do in-house occupational, speech, and physical therapy. W's Early Intervention person told us about this center (about two weeks before he turned three and we lost all the EI benefits we could have used there, but whatever. I'm not bitter about our EI experience or anything), but we just finally got around to looking into it. It's pricier than the old place, but I think it'll be worth it, both in terms of the benefits to W from getting the more structured environment and the benefits I'm going to get out of not having to take him to inconveniently-scheduled therapy appointments every week. My recent need for time off has just about pushed work to its limits, I think, so the less I have to leave the better. (Fun fact:  this week is the first full week of work (defined as at the office all but one hour a day for lunch) I've had since the first week of November.)

I was worried about what our old provider would think about us moving W. She was absolutely fantastic with him, but her center just wasn't set up to give him the structure and extra sensory stuff he needs. I know he was getting frustrating for the ladies who work there, even though no one ever directly said anything. When I first brought up the move, she looked hurt, but as I told her about the center, she got so excited for W and thought it sounded perfect for him. Actually, everyone I've talked to about it thinks it sounds perfect for him.

Leaving the old place was hard, mostly for me. R is still going there, so it's not like we're done with them completely. But it was still hard to bake the cupcakes for his last day, and hard to leave him that morning, knowing he wouldn't be back. Luckily, B picked the boys up that night, so I didn't have to deal with the final goodbye (I totally would have cried). The ladies were so wonderful to W, and I know he got great care there. It's a little nerve-wracking to move him somewhere that I don't know any other families, I don't know the teachers, and is a much more formal environment.

I was concerned about how he would adjust to the new place. He LOVED our old center and its owner. He went there most of his life (almost two years). He had friends there. But he's proven that little kids are more resilient than we might give them credit for. I caved in and called to check on him the first day, and got good reports. He chatters on about daycare each night, and we've heard that he's very social, listens well, and fits in great. Of course, it's only been three days. I'm hoping this keeps up, though.

As an added benefit, the new center's hours allow B to take W in the morning. This is awesome for me because it means I only have to deal with getting R ready and out the door in a timely fashion in the mornings. It's been rough so far (I think R misses W...he looks in W's door as we walk past, and then starts crying. For the rest of the morning), but I'm hoping it will get better as we all settle into our new routine. I'm also just a wee bit excited that B FINALLY gets to see what I go through every. single. weekday. morning. He's always had to be at work before daycare opened, so I was always solely responsible for the boys. And I'm a wee bit satisfied that he's losing his after-work alone time (he gets home around 3:30, we get home around 5:30). That man has no idea how good he's had it in the everyday childcare realm for the past couple of years. Even though he's probably going to be super bitchy about it for a while, it'll be worth it for him to get a taste of my everyday (not that it will make a bit of difference, I'm sure, but a girl can dream, right?)

So. W's at a new place. R's at the old one (for now at least). Things seem to be going well for both, though I think they miss each other during the day. I'm sure I'll keep you posted on any thrilling developments that happen along the way.