Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On aging

As I enter the final day of my 20s, one thought consumes my mind:  I am too young to be this decrepit.

Everyone tells you that your body falls apart as you age, but I really didn't expect that to happen before I even turned 30. In just the past year-ish (14 months, if we're being technical), I've had a tailbone removed because of chronic pain, sprained a tendon in my ankle and spent a month in a boot, got a cyst on my wrist that required a (em effing) cortisone shot, and threw out my back sitting up.

Oh yeah. I threw out my back this morning. I was sitting on the floor getting R dressed, and leaned forward to grab his hands to help him up. As I started to sit back up, I felt something pop in my back and felt searing pain. Luckily, it seems to just be a sprain - albeit a painful one. It got me some good drugs and will more or less put me out of commission for the next few days. Which is going to make finishing Christmas prep more or less impossible. Looks like daycare is getting "Happy 2013!" gifts instead of "Merry Christmas!" gifts and the work potluck is getting a store-bought dish. Balls.

Anyway, I'm getting old and falling apart. Even though I'm far too young to be falling apart like this. Here's to the 30s being a less deteriorating decade!


Noelle said...

Happy birthday! Sorry you're in pain, but it sounds like your body is doing you a little favor by making you slow down a bit. Enjoy your time with your family.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Happy birthday! I was wondering how your tailbone was - that sounded so painful. Sorry to hear about your back - we make quite a pair with my old lady hip and janky knees. Getting old sucks.