Monday, December 17, 2012

Fekkai for the holidays

I have curly hair and seem to be on a constant quest to find hair products that keep my mane under control. Enter Fekkai Glossing Cream.

Fekkai Glossing Cream - 4 oz
Image from the P&G eStore.

I got a tube of this stuff in a beauty box I bought a year or so ago, and I LOVE it. It's heavy enough to keep my frizz under control, but light enough that it doesn't weigh my curls down. It smells great (coming from me, that means something. I have the world's most sensitive nose and hate the way a lot of hair products smell) and gives my hair lots of shine, too.

Fekkai hair products were developed by renowned style-maker Frederic Fekkai to meet the particular needs of different hair types. Each product is tested by Frederic and his staff at the Frederic Fekkai Salon and incorporates luxurious textures and invigorating scents. The line is divided into families, including Advanced Care, Color Care, Curl Care Glossing, Repair, Styling, and Styling Tools.

The Fekkai website also has a really cool tool that lets you consult Frederic to find your personal Fekkai style. My product family is Perfectly Luscious Curls. This collection "features advanced technology to accentuate ringlets with shine while controlling frizz. Made with our defining curls complex and enhanced with grape seed extract and Moroccan rose, this collection will leave you with perfectly curvy curls that last." I'm excited to give the Perfectly Luscious Curls products a try. I'm all for anything that makes my curls behave themselves better!

Right now, Fekkai is offering a great holiday deal. When you make a purchase of $50 of more at the Fekkai website, you get 10% off your order and a cute, beaded holiday headband. Use coupon code HEADBAND to get this deal.

Take a look around and get some of your shopping done. Happy holidays!

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PinkieBling said...

I love Fekkai products! Thanks for the heads-up!