Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And the Christmas panic hits

It hit me, out of nowhere, late Sunday night that Christmas was a week away. One week. I then realized that I need to have all of the daycare and work gifts and foods ready for Friday. This includes a batch of monster cookies, which takes something like eight hours start to finish (to help you grasp this, the recipe measures things in pounds instead of cups and makes around 14 dozen cookies), and six to ten sets of magnets for the boys' teachers.. The plan was to go shopping for cookie ingredients and mix up the batter on Sunday and bake a few batches every night between now and Thursday. I'd also buy the magnet supplies Monday at lunch, paint Monday night, and do the finishing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Easy peasy.

But my plans very rarely work out. I did go shopping on Sunday, but I couldn't find the recipe, so I didn't get the batter mixed up. I pushed that back to Monday night, and thought I'd still be reasonably on schedule. At lunch today, I got the magnet supplies (I also went to four stores on two opposite ends of town in less than an hour. Booyah!). And then my hearing that was supposed to start at 2:30 and be short didn't start until almost 4:00. It also included an hour-long taped confession we had to listen to in open court. And so I was stuck at work until 6:00. The silver lining to that was I got to go to the local bar association Christmas party, since I no longer had to worry about getting the kids. That also meant I didn't get home until 7:30 (a.k.a. bedtime), and a clingy baby at bedtime meant I was occupied until 8:30. I'm not staying up for two hours to get the dough made, so I have to push it off another day. Oh! Also! I can't find the paint marker I need to the magnets ANYWHERE. I was going to buy a new one today for just this reason, but the store was out of black ones, so I end up screwed in this department as well.

The plan for Tuesday is getting my mom to come wrangle children while I make cookie dough and get at least a few batches baked, and get the names and dates written on all the magnets (after I acquire another paint marker). If I get lucky, the writing will dry quickly and I can have Mom start the boys on the first phase of magnet painting.

Wednesday is going to include a detour to the zoo to see their Christmas lights, I think. So nothing will get done. Maybe I'll be able to do phase two of the magnet painting. Or finish wrapping the presents.

Thursday is crunch time. I have to finish baking all cookies, pack up cookies for daycare and the work potluck, glue magnets together and possibly package them if I start them early enough in the evening, finish wrapping everything, pack up cards and gifts for the co-workers, and get the boys to sign the cards for their daycare teachers.

Friday will be a day for remembering to take everything I've prepared to wherever it needs to go, general holiday merriment, and a dentist appointment for the little one. Santa is coming to our house on Saturday morning, so Friday night will be spent gearing up for that.

Saturday is Christmas at our house and dinner out with some of my friends.

And on Sunday, we head to the ancestral homeland for four or five days, and the real fun begins.

Anyone else in Christmas panic mode yet? Or is it just me.

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Doing My Best said...

This all sounds exhausting and stressful =(! I hope it all goes better than you are expecting *fingers crossed*!