Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My grown-up Christmas list

I've had the hardest time coming up with gift ideas for the boys in my life this year, but that has not been the case for myself. Oh, no. I've got gift ideas coming out of my ears.

1. Garner's Modern American Usage by Bryan Garner - I'm a language nerd and this book is basically the language nerd's Bible. No further explanation needed.

From Amazon (with special thanks to Swistle for teaching me how to get rid of the arrow).

2. Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume - I can't normally wear perfumes, but I got a sample of this months ago, and I like it. It doesn't give me headaches and it smells pretty (if slightly on the old lady side).

From Amazon.

3. New bakeware - B pretty much destroyed all of the baking pans we got for our wedding, and I want new ones that aren't completely coated with nasty, permanent, greasy residue. I also want a couple more insulated cookie sheets.

Wilton Indulgence® Professional 6-Piece Bakeware Set
I think this Wilton set is what we got for our wedding. And I like them. From Bed Bath & Beyond.

4. Olive Bungalow birthstone stacking rings - I've loved these from afar for years, so I'm finally asking for them. My set would have two 2mm wide hammered sterling silver rings, one with a 3mm round white topaz (the cheapest version of R's diamond birthstone) and one with a 3mm round opal (it's my favorite of the three options for W's birthstone), and band 6 with a 4mm square London blue topaz (my favorite of the options for my birthstone). All in size 6.75. Just in case Santa is reading. *Ahem*
Random stack of rings from Olive Bungalow. The bottom ring is band 6, and the other two bands will look similar to the one with the M (but will be a little textured). The top stone is also the same size (but slightly lighter color) blue topaz I want.

5. Nice sheets for my bed. We're down to two sets, and one of those is getting holes. I don't have it in me to wash one set of sheets that often.

6. Amazon gift cards - I want to buy booooooks! My Kindle makes me read voraciously, but my budget makes me stick to the crappy-ass free Kindle books most of the time. And they are painful. I want good books. I would also accept real books in lieu of electronic ones.

7. Brown dress pants - I have several work-type shirts that would really look best with dark brown pants, but do not own said pants. I would like that to be remedied.

8. Boots - I bought myself a cute pair, but they don't fit and I haven't found a good replacement yet. With my feet always threatening to fall off of my body these days, I need to buy decent quality boots, which tend to also be ugly. If Santa can find me a pair that balances support with cute, I'll take them.

9. Plane tickets - I have places I want to go, but don't have a spare kidney to sell for tickets to fly to these places. So I ask for plane tickets. I never get them, but I ask.

10. New bras and undies - Mine are all so OLD and ill-fitting (sorry for that visual). I need new.

11. A sound cord thingy (technical term) that has headphone jack connections on both ends - I have no idea what one of these cords might be called - or if they even actually exist, though I feel like they should - but I want one so I can connect my phone to the neat little jack in my car and play my music through the speakers. I tend to listen to music on my phone far more often than I do the radio and wouldn't mind a simple fix that would vastly improve the sound quality.
I'm sure I've got more stuff that I'll think of between now and Christmas. Even though I know I won't be getting much (if anything) off my Birthmas* list, I had so much fun coming up with it.

* In case you may have forgotten:  Birthmas (\ˈbərth-məs\) – 1: noun – the phrase I coined specifically to describe the yearly time of joy that is the period between my birthday and Christmas. 2: adjective – description of something done or given as a combined celebration of my birthday and Christmas. E.g. a Birthmas gift.


Doing My Best said...

Those rings are GORGEOUS! I'll need a picture if Santa delivers those =)!

LSM said...

Does your library offer digital book checkout via Overdrive? I love being able to read for free on my Kindle. I typically use the Kindle app on my iPad, but you can use a PC to send to the Kindle too.

I love the stacking rings and hope you get them!

Swistle said...

Ooo, now I want those rings too! And I usually love old-lady perfume! And that language book looks good too...

Noelle said...

I love those rings!!

Do you have a Dropbox account?