Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving wrap-up

We had a lovely Thanksgiving around these parts. The boys and I were at my mom's from Wednesday night to this afternoon, and it was wonderful. It's so refreshing to have someone in the house who actually helps out with the children!

We had a delicious dinner on Thursday. It was mostly uneventful (with the exception of my brother's fiancee/girlfriend/baby-mama/whatever leaving in tears for no apparent reason...that's getting to be a tradition!). My sister and I headed to the local Hell-Mart that evening, and were in and out in an hour. It was shocking. I got a couple of gifts for B, a couple of gifts for the boys, and a couple of gifts for me (a steam mop and new sheets. I lead an exciting life). I also caved and bought a new laptop on Thursday. My extra teaching days and anticipated speech income just about equal the price of the laptop, so I was able to justify it to myself. I mean, I haven't had a computer in over a year and B's desktop has got to be on its last legs, so really it was an investment in the family. Yeah. We'll go with that. It should be here by the end of the week and I keep mentally squeeing when I think about it.

Friday and Saturday were spent in our jammies, just hanging out and playing at Grandma's. My niece and nephew came over for awhile both days, so the boys got to play with their cousin and I got plenty of newborn snuggles in. It was heavenly. We were supposed to go to a nearby Christmas parade Friday night, but it got cold and windy and was starting to snow, so Mom and I nixed that. We're not really winter people.

Today was Santa picture day. It's become a post-Thanksgiving tradition and it's generally a disaster. The boys did surprisingly well, though. I think part of it was that my brother's brood (five of them, ranging from 11 years to 1.5 months) weren't there, so it was far less hectic than normal. My dear, sensitive W doesn't deal with hectic very well. We also talked up Santa all weekend and showed him pictures from previous years. We got out our new jammies and tried them on.

Aside about the pajamas. They're a really cute set from Carter's with plaid pants and a reindeer on the shirt, but I can't find a picture anywhere online. I bought them at the local Carter's store, but they aren't on the website. Also, this was the first time I bought W anything without a "T" in the size, and it sort of broke my heart. It also sort of broke my wallet. They were $4 more (after sales; regularly $8 more) than the toddler sizes!

Anyway, we talked about what W wanted to ask Santa for (it ranged from "Halloween!" and "A Christmas tree!" to "Jake an da Neverwand Piwates Bucky toy!") and about standing next to Santa and smiling for a picture. When it was our turn, W walked up to Santa first and Santa grabbed him and put him on his lap. The look on W's face told me he was about to lose it, so I said something about asking for a stool so he could stand next to Santa, and all was right with the world again. The boys were both adorable and smiled (and didn't cry!), and I think we'll actually have a cute picture this year. Yay!

Then we came home this afternoon and it was back to business as usual. I just put the last load of laundry in and need to empty the dishwasher before I can go to bed. But it was a nice long weekend. And only a month to go until Christmas!

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