Monday, October 22, 2012

The best and the worst of humanity

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In my line of work, I see a lot of unsavory characters. Today's star was a heroin-addicted woman who's probably 25 or 26. She admits to using the drug daily and showed up to court today very obviously on something. Oh, and she's 5.5 months pregnant. Not surprisingly, heroin use isn't particularly good for a developing fetus. My heart hurt for her unborn baby, her older child that she has nothing to do with, her mother who has to handle some of the fall out of her habit, and, even a little bit, for this girl whose life is probably light years away from any dreams she had as a child.

But from that, I also got to see some awesome humanity. The prosecutor on her case - a person whose job generally requires "justice" be done above all else - did research on way to get this woman to a facility who can medically detox her and her baby so they both don't die in the process. The issue became when no one wanted to take her because of the major liability. A coworker who handles most of our criminal stuff took on the responsibility of finding this woman somewhere to do, and finally found a hospital several hours away. There were other involved, too. It was awesome to see people go above and beyond in their jobs to try to save an unborn baby, and, indirectly, the baby's mom.

No kid should have to be born addicted to heroin. Hopefully everyone's actions today will fix that problem for one kid.

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