Monday, April 30, 2012

You can lead a horse to water

Over the years, it's been something I've suggested. Something I've very carefully demonstrated - with pictures! Something I've begged and pleaded about. Something I've incentivized as best I could.

And every time I was shot down.

But now, now that B is the one paying the cable bill, he thinks we need to "do something" about our cable expenses. Never mind that he refused to cancel it when we were close to choosing cable or groceries. Never mind that the suck on our monthly income far exceeds the cable's monthly entertainment value. Never mind that we can get much of the same, mind numbing crap high-caliber programming streaming on Netflix for $8 a month ($16, if we want to get all fancy and get DVDs, too). And especially never mind that I've been telling him this for at least five years.

When it affects his wallet, suddenly it matters. I wouldn't be surprised if he calls and cancels it tomorrow without hesitation.

Raising husbands is a thankless job (and one that you don't get if you marry wisely, ladies!). Just remember, you can't make 'em drink.*

*It's highly unlikely the second half of my saying is true in the context of wives making husbands drink. I'm certain that I make mine drink on a daily basis.

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Amanda @ There Are Two Sides said...

Cable or groceries? That's a toss up....