Thursday, April 5, 2012

Purse-life balance

I have a new theory. (Brace yourselves; it's profound.) The state of a woman's purse directly correlates to the state of her personal life.

A couple of years ago, a peek into my purse would have revealed a wallet with all its cards in their places, cash organized by denomination, all facing the same direction; checkbooks with up-to-date registers; receipts organized and tucked away; some chapstick; my phone; and very little else floating around.

That same look into my purse these days would reveal something more like this: [er, uh, I'm not sure the picture will actually show up where it's supposed to...]

See the difference? When I was (mostly) in control of my life, I was also in control of my person. As my life spiraled out of control, my purse grew into more and more of a disaster.

Honestly, no matter how often I clean and organize my purse, it reverts to the above-pictured disaster in less than 24 hour. Sadly, it's telling of the chaos in my personal life.

But. I'm finally taking some major steps toward calming the life chaos. It's still going to be a long, looooong time before things totally settle down, but I've finally done a few things that will slow down the runaway train my life has become over the past two-ish years. And, if I'm really lucky, my big steps will also translate into a neater purse.


Doing My Best said...

(hugs) I hope you're able to get your purse back to looking the way you like!! said...

My purse is never organized. Hmm, now I'm depressed. Your purse insides look pretty good to me!

Kimberly said...

This is a great analogy. When I am depressed I have a hard time looking outside of my head so to things go unnoticed.
When I'm anxious or angry I look for things to control so I feel better. So my house will look immaculate and so on.