Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Titillating conversations

I've never been shy about letting the kids see me when I'm running around au naturale. I'm pretty sure I abandoned the concept of "modesty" while laboring with W (seriously, I didn't care who saw what when I was trying to get that damn kid out, and it's sort of stuck with me). And I spent a solid 18 of W's 39.5 months of life running around topless (or feeling like I was, anyway) while I nursed him and his brother. So the boys have seen all of my bits. When they ask questions, I try to give anatomically correct answers and not giggle like a 12-year-old boy.

With that background, it's no surprise that I've had the following conversations with the three-year-old recently.

Convo 1:
(I was getting W diapered, lotioned, and jammied after his bath, and was sort of leaning over him. I was also wearing a tank top and no bra).

W (grabbing the front of my tank top and pulling me forward so he could look down my shirt):  Mommy, dose you [clearly struggling to come up with the correct word] meetins?
Me:  No, those aren't mittens. Those are my nipples.
W:  W have neeples?
Me:  Yep, you have nipples.
W:  Bruh-rur have neeples?
Me:  Yes, R has nipples.
W:  Neeples feed baby.
Me:  Sometimes nipples feed babies.
W:  Neeples feed R!
Me:  Yes, when R was a baby, he ate from my nipples.
W:  Oh, ok! (that's how pretty much every conversation with him ends anymore)

Convo 2:
(This was a few days later. I was again getting him dressed, but I wasn't wearing anything that made it possible for the kid to see my nips).

W:  Mommy have neeples.
Me:  Yes, I do have nipples, W.
W:  Neeples feed baby.
Me:  They do.
W:  W have neeples.
Me:  Yup.
W:  I feed baby wif my neeples!
Me (suppressing the urge to laugh heartily):  Maybe some day, bud.

These exchanges surprised me for several reasons. First, I was shocked that he remembered the whole "nipples feed babies" thing. It's been almost a year since I stopped nursing R, and he hasn't been around any other nursing moms since. Second, I was (pleasantly) surprised that he made the logical progression of Mom fed a baby with her nipples, I have nipples, so I can feed a baby with my nipples! Watching how hard he was concentrating during these talks was so cute.

Now, if I could get him as interested in peeing in the potty as he is in nursing a baby, I'd be golden.


Jill said...

Yesterday Davis asked why I didn't have a pee pee, I was cracking up.

Kimberly said...

Chunky said to me "When does Daddy grow boobs like Mommy?"