Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey, I haven't talked about my butt in a while!

Oh, yes. The butt saga continues. Yes, it's been four-and-a-half months since my surgery. And, yes, I'm still having a significant amount of pain. I went back to the orthopedist yesterday, and he basically told me to suck it up and keep on healing.

The doc told me he had a patient in for something wholly unrelated to the bum, and found out she's had the same surgery I did. It took her three months to get completely better, and that's without chasing small children, an incision that refused to heal, and an edge-of-the-bathtub-related trauma.

(I don't think I told that tale. I was taking the shower curtain down a few weeks ago, and as I stepped from the edge of the tub to the floor, the bath mat slipped, and I landed, area-formerly-occupied-by-my-tailbone...first. It hurt. It also apparently caused a bunch of swelling and irritation. Before that, I was actually feeling really good. But! When I went to the doc this week, he told me all the swelling and redness that was there at my last visit was gone. Progress!)

Basically, he thinks that I'm probably on track, healing-wise, given this other patient's experience and my collection of fairly significant setbacks. I go back in six weeks. We're all hoping the pain is gone by then. If it's not, I might cut someone. I mean, come on. Six months is more than enough.


Kimberly said...

Man you are going through so much with this...cutting someone is completely warranted ;)

Michelle said...

You did tell the bathtub incident and girl, you are due for some good things. Butt healing included.

Amanda @ There Are Two Sides said...

So happy to hear this!