Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Phoning it in

Earlier today, I decided that I was phoning in my NaBloPoMo post today because I was crabby and didn't feel like writing. Little did I know that my in-my-head post title would turn out to be so accurate. Apparently, the boys knocked my laptop off the shelf while I was gone, and I'm pretty sure they killed it. I am NOT happy about this.

Also, for accountability sake, I'm letting you all know that I'm off work on bedrest until after Thanksgiving. I'l fill in the details later, but if I use the excuse that I'm too busy or have too much going on when I forget to e-mail/call/write/send you a birthday present/whatever, feel free to call me on it. I've got nothing but time for the next 12 days.

Also also, phone blogging sucks. Not that I've mentioned that before or anything.


Kelly said...

Let me know if you want someone to keep you company on your break. =0)

Doing My Best said...

I'm sorry about your computer but glad to hear that you're on bedrest!! I hope your body is able to heal quickly now!!