Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They're out there

As I was listening to the radio this morning, the host of the show took some phone calls for a contest. I'm pretty sure one of the callers was a fellow prisoner patient when I was in the hospital. She had the same moderately unusual name and did the same nerve-grating squeally-shrieky laugh thing. It had to be her. And it made my stomach lurch a little.

The past three months, I've had a fear of running into someone I was hospitalized with lurking in the back of my head. Early on, I worried about this quite a bit. What would I do if I ran into someone? Would they recognize me? Would I say hi? Would I ignore them? Would we talk about the psych ward - only thing we have in common? Would it be the most awkward thing in the whole entire world? The further away my hospitalization gets, the less these thoughts cross my mind. In fact, I hardly ever entertain them any more.

Then I hear one of the other patients on the radio, and I'm reminded that these people still exist and are still out there somewhere, probably not all that far away from me. It's kinda weird to think about. I just hope I never end up actually seeing one of them in person. I'm not sure I could handle the awkwardness.

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