Sunday, April 10, 2011

Basement purge

I have been trying forever to get rid of all of our baby crap that both boys have outgrown. It hasn't been in the cards, though, because everyone in my circle keeps having girls. Everyone. The last boy born to someone I know was...well...R. But finally, FINALLY, a boy has come along. My cousin and his wife are having a boy in June. And they came to our house today to take away some of our baby stuff.

We started out the day with five and a half garbage bags of clothes ranging from newborn to 9 months. And a bag of bibs and burp rags. And another bag of toys and gear. And several large pieces of baby crap. We ended with probably three bags of clothes, two swings, a car seat, a bouncy seat, and almost all of the bibs and burp rags. Oy.

Even though they didn't take as much as I was hoping, it was nice to clear out a whole section of my basement. Now I just need to find another sucker new parent who needs some extra stuff. We have lots of it.


Denae said...

Swings?? I need a swing and could care less if its blue. If only you lived in Texas....

Michelle said...

Take it to OUAC and get rid of the 'gear' stuff. I'm still trying to get together all Finn's clothes to sell on ebay. Either that or have a huge garage sale... you know, in my 'spare' time.