Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving menu reveiw

I have to say that my Thanksgiving dinner turned out pretty well. Here are brief reviews of the recipes I tried this year.

Fresh Herb and Salt-Rubbed Roasted Turkey - The turkey turned out pretty well. My mom pushed me into putting it in the oven earlier than necessary, so it was a smidge dry by the time we got to eating. It was also just a smidge on the salty side. I think this might be because B did all the salt-rubbing, and he didn't bother to measure out the's entirely possible that he used too much salt. Everyone else seemed to like it, though. This recipe is a keeper.

Cap City Buttermilk Mashers - Super tasty. I thought they were a bit chive-y (I don't remember the restaurant's potatoes being quite that chive-y), but they were a hit.

Soul Sweet 'Taters - The recipe calls for lumpy sweet potatoes, but I wasn't a fan of that. I might have slightly undercooked the 'taters (pre-mashing), too, which may have been part of the problem. The Mexican vanilla I used was a bit too strong for the recipe, and I found it a bit overpowering. I think I'll try this one again because the things I disliked about it were mostly my own fault.

Cranberry-Pomegranate Sauce - This was really good. It could have used a bit more sugar. And it NEVER thickened. It was really liquidy, so I tried to cook it down. It didn't work. At all. I ended up using a slotted spoon to drain most of the liquid off of it right before I served it. I would make this one again.

Pumpkin Cream Pie - LOVE. This was AWESOME. From the crust to the filling, it was perfection. And super easy. The crust was really, really thick, but it worked. I'm permanently adding this one to my dessert rotation.

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