Friday, November 5, 2010

Housekeeping help

It's no secret around these parts that I'm not much of a housekeeper. I like my surroundings to be clean and neat, and before I started breeding, mine used to be. Now, however, my house is generally a sty. Most of the time, it's sort of clean, but messy. I'm working on that, but I need some help. So I'm asking anyone who still reads to give me suggestions on the following:

1. Do you have a cleaning schedule? What is it?

2. What is your best tip for cleaning an old, pitted porcelain tub? Anything that gets rid of the gross ring stained into my tub would be awesome.

3. How do you get diaper pails/plastic garbage cans that have ever contained poopy diapers to stop smelling like decaying fecal matter?

4. How do you clean your blinds?

5. Any other helpful hints for me?


Carrie said...

1.I am really no help here. I have tried to get on a schedule but it is of no use with 3 kids! I do most of my cleaning after they are in bed but in less then 24 hours it is right back to how it was before if not worse. It is a never ending battle!

2.We use something we received from my husbands cousin who works at Camberra on Holland Sylvania it works wonderfully, I will have to ask what it is. For the ring around the tub the only thing that has ever worked for me is magic erasers.

3. We always have used ammonia to clean them out once they were beyond smelly. Once that was done we started buying the cheap garbage bags at the Dollar Store in it.

4.Trick I learned from my Grandma was to take them down and soak them in the tub for about 30 minutes in an ammonia water mixture then wiped them down with a paper towel afterward. If that didn't work we have resulted to buying new ones at Family Dollar for a pretty cheap amount as long as they were normal window sizes.

5. I wish I had a trick or hint, I wish I could just have a weekly maid!

Amy said...

Generally, I don't bother cleaning the blinds. However, if I did, I'd use one of the attachments on my vacuum.

I'm no expert on porcelain, but once, I had a bottle of that Brilliant Brunette shampoo explode in my shower, and when I discovered it and rinsed it away, the floor of the shower stall had never been so clean. Also, I was worried about what I had been previously putting on my hair! So, possibly Brilliant Brunette shampoo.

Amanda said...

My cleaning day is Sunday. I have to do dishes everyday because we have no dishwasher...but Sunday. I make everyone stay out of my way and have Jeff wrangle all kids out of the way. IT works once they get used to it.