Sunday, July 11, 2010


My mom and I took the boys to our local science center on Saturday. Despite my fears that it would be like the zoo (which doesn't really hold W's interest...he isn't super interested in the animals yet), it was a blast. W had the best time, and even behaved himself until well past nap time. For him, the best part was the little kids' room, which is basically a space closed off from the rest of the center for kids kindergarten-aged and younger. It's got a doctor's office, store, fire truck, water play area, tree house, construction zone, baby zone, house, and other assorted interesting things that kids can explore. W's favorite was the ambulance. He loved turning on the lights and siren. A close second was the computer in the doctor's office admitting area. He typed and typed to his little heart's content, and didn't get told "no" once. He was in heaven.

This is a little ball pit-type thing with a flexible tube in the middle. The tube blows out air, and you can make a ball float above it. You can also bend the tube so it blows air at toddlers, which results in pics like the one above.

W playing the baby zone (for kids two and under).

Driving the fire truck. This was almost as cool to him as the ambulance.

Me and the boys hunting for fossils in the dinosaur area. We didn't find one before W started trying to chew on the hammer and eat the rocks. So we moved on.

R wanted in on the fun, too, so he went to play with the babies in the nursery area of the doctor's office. And he was the only one who had the decency to put some clothes on.

"Baby down! Strap him to the back board!" You can see EMT W's foot. He was running to the front to drive baby brother to the hospital.


Stacey said...

Where is that at?? It seems somewhat similar to Cincinnati Children's Museum down here! The boys are getting so cute : )

Stacey said...

That is cool! Where is that at? It seems somewhat similar to Cincinnati Children's Museum down here!