Friday, July 30, 2010

Just for fun


I've caught myself saying some pretty ridiculous things to the toddler lately, so I thought I would play along. So here's a sampling of my conversations with W.

"We do NOT throw furniture when we're angry!"

"Thank you, honey, but R can't use his pacifier when he's nursing."

"Your purse is very pretty!"

"That's mommy's nipple. Please don't touch it."

"W, the baby swing is groaning. You're a little too big for it, buddy."

"Blowing bubbles works better if you take the wand out of your mouth."

"No, bathwater is not 'mmmmmmmmm!' Bathwater is yucky, and we don't drink it."

"W! Out of the dog water!" (That one actually came from B).

"Thank you for covering your brother up, but you really shouldn't put the blanket over his face."

"No, that's not your eye. That's your ear. Nope, still your ear. That is also your ear. Oh, never mind."

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Fav was the that last