Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book review: Ancestor

Have you heard of Read It Forward? It's a cool site that features and gives out free copies of three soon-to-be-released books every month. You put your name in for whatever book(s) tickles your fancy, and, if you're randomly selected, you get a free copy in the mail.

I've been lucky enough to get two books so far. The first, Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet by Stephanie Cowell, wasn't really catching my interest, so when the second, Ancestor by Scott Sigler, arrived, I decided to start in on it. I'm glad I did because I really liked it.

Ancestor is a Michael Crichton-esque horror/sci-fi/thriller novel about a biotech company that's trying to grow an new animal that can to provide donor organs to humans, and how the experiment goes horribly wrong. This isn't the type of hing I would normally read, but free books are free books, and I'm always willing to expand my horizons.

It was a quick read. I wasn't necessarily a huge fan of Sigler's writing at times, but the story was good enough to get me past that. Oddly enough, one of the characters in the book says the same thing about a novel written by another character. I got really caught up in the story, and didn't want to put it down. I actually found myself sitting in the bathroom at 2:30 AM after nursing the baby the other night so I could have some light to keep reading. I thought the ending in the epilogue was a bit lame, but not so bad that it ruined the book. There's a fair amount of swearing and liberal use of the f-bomb, if that matters to you. I would recommend checking this one out when it's released at the end of the month.

Disclaimer: I won a free copy of Ancestor from Read It Forward, but decided to review it all on my own. I didn't receive any other compensation, all opinions are my own, blah, blah, blah.

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