Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day fail

It's no secret around here that B isn't very good at "occasions." They were never a big deal in his house growing up. Case in point: on the morning of B's 18th birthday, he was awoken by his dad with a "Get up and help me dig up the septic tank," rather than a "Happy birthday!" This kind of stuff was a big deal in my house, though, so my expectations coming into the marriage were a bit higher than his.

Over the years, I've tempered my expectations a bit to fit with B's style, but still haven't fully accepted it - I freaking love getting presents! I usually get a gift for my birthday and/or Christmas, but I've learned not to expect gifts or even cards for things like our anniversary or Mother's Day. Flowers for anything? Forget about it. For the most part, I'm sincerely happy if I get a "Happy [insert occasion here], baby," from him.

We all know that today is Mother's Day. To mark the occasion, W's daycare sent home a cupcake-shaped rice crispie treat the staff he frosted and decorated with sprinkles and Fruit Roll-Ups (note: Fruit Roll-Ups are not nearly as delicious as I used to think they were). It came complete with a card (that W clearly had no part in making - there weren't even any scribbles) with what I certainly hope was an intentional misspelling of "Happy Mother Day's." My mom came up to see the baby today, and she brought with her a McDonald's sweet tea, a MD gift, and a super-sweet card for me.

From B, I got nothing. No gift, no card, no flowers, not even a "Happy Mother's Day, baby." He told my mom Happy Mother's Day, but not me. Nice.

To make this tale even more pathetic, I went to change someone's diaper, and found a card sitting in the diaper basket, allegedly from W and R. When I thanked B for getting it he didn't say much. Before she came over, my mom had called, so she knew before arriving that B hadn't done anything. So I asked the question I already knew the answer to: "Did my mom buy that?" B replied, "Yeah, but I put the names in it." Nice.

B gets a big, fat FAIL for this Mother's Day. I suppose there's always next year...

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Michelle said...

Dave and I were different too growing up. Sit down and explain it to him, the importance. Dave isn't the best all the time, but he makes an effort now. I had to give up some of my expectations too.