Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trial season

Work is kicking my butt right now. Our calendar has trials coming out its ass. Today was a 12-hour day because of a trial. Long days like that aren't usually so bad, but it is abundantly clear to me this evening that I can't pull off a 12-hour day in heels (even moderate heels) at 33 weeks pregnant. I'm exhausted.

I really shouldn't complain at all because I love doing trials. They're fun. And sometimes even interesting. They just occasionally make for really long days, and they make getting my regular work done pretty difficult. Luckily, the two other trials set for this week have gone away, we only have one set for next week (though it's a three-day trial AND it's a civil trial - which I've never done before), and the two-week murder trial starting in two weeks just got continued. I'm hoping that gives me a little time to get caught up with my other stuff.

Even despite all that the cancellations and continuances, we are still set to do more jury trials in the first three months of 2010 than we did in all of 2009 (next week's civil trial will make five for this year...that's what we did all of last year). And I'm bummed because two trials I'd really like to be around for (a rape-turned-sexual-battery that was continued in January because of a last minute discovery issue and a child endangering on remand from the court of appeals that I wasn't around for the first time) have been set for when I'm on maternity leave. I'm kinda hoping they'll get moved again. It also sounds like the just-moved murder trial is going to be right when I get back from leave. The craziness just won't stop.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? Because I totally do. Even in the middle of a crazy-busy trial season.

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