Sunday, February 21, 2010

His presssshussss (Alternate title: When lovies go bad)

I'm getting a bit concerned about W's relationship with his pacifier.

For the longest time, I thought we were fortunate enough to not have a lovey that he was obsessed with and dragged with him everywhere. Then, one day, the babysitter made some comment about his pacifier being his lovey, and I realized that she was right. He loves that thing, takes it everywhere with him, screams if we take it away from him, and, on those glorious days when he can get his hands on two of them, he'll walk around with one pacifier in his mouth and one clutched in his chubby little hand.

Unlike most kids and their lovies, though, if he puts it down and finds something else entertaining, he tends to forget about it. We're trying really hard to break him of the daytime pacifier habit, so if we see one unattended on the floor, it gets put up until bedtime. But when he's thinking about the pacifier, he'll go to great lengths to find one.

And he always manages to find one. I swear the kid has a secret stash somewhere. Sometimes it's actually kind of funny...when B and I are desperately searching for one at bedtime, W usually wanders off and shows up a few minutes later with a pacifier in his mouth. He's also taken to shoving his crib away from the wall when he gets up because he's figured out that's where the pacifiers tend to fall while he's sleeping. Any time he's looking and can't find one, the first thing he does is go up to his room and search behind his crib. No one ever accused this kid of being dumb.

While this probably all sounds like pretty normal toddler-lovey behavior, what caused me some concern was the scene I witnessed this afternoon. W had found one of his secret stash pacifiers, and had one in his mouth while he was sitting on the floor in the living room playing. Next thing I know, he's taken it out and is holding it in his hand and talking to it. He had quite the conversation with it before popping it back in and going back to whatever he was doing.

Next thing you know, he's going to start petting it, calling it "presssshussss," and going completely crazy when it's taken away from him.

Can you see why I'm concerned?

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Stacey said...

Gavin is the SAME way, I swear we have like 10 scattered all over the house & as much as I wanted it to just be a nap/nightime thing he has them all day (except at daycare twice a week). I gave myself the time line of 2 years start taking it away. But man it is comforting..when he's crying or whining, the "goofy" we call it gets shoved in & its okay! Better than thumb sucking I suppose!