Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Baby WeeWee"

I hate to disappoint all the creepies who find this through some inappropriate google search, but this is not going to devolve into a kiddie porn post.

Rather, this is what the baby sitter's daughter (who is 19-months-old) has been calling W. She has some difficulties pronouncing his name, and "Baby WeeWee" is what comes out. Today was the first time she actually said it in front of me, and it was freaking hilarious. Not only because she calls my kid WeeWee, but also because she still calls him "baby." I mean, he's only four months younger than she is, and he's bigger than her. Toddlers just crack me up.

You know, I'm sure my son won't appreciate WeeWee as a nickname, but for now, I'm going to be amused by it.

And, since it's been awhile, I'll leave you with a cute WeeWee picture (pervs, refer to my first paragraph).


Kelly said...

Look at him! Wearing his glasses and all. You gotta write his first nickname down in the baby book mom! ;0)

lynzabell said...

LMAO Em!!!!! That is just H-I-larious...good to see baby Will sporting the specs.....he is A-freaking-dorable!! ;)