Friday, January 15, 2010

A mother's intuition

When I got home from work tonight, W was being much more clingy and whiny than normal. I was sitting with him on the couch and cuddling, when I looked up at B and said, "I have a sinking feeling that I'm about to be puked on." And not 30 seconds later, I was covered, head to toe, in puke. Gotta love that motherly instinct.

This is our first experience with a puking baby. Oh, sure, we had PLENTY of spit up for the first few several nine or so months of his life, but this is the first time we've had sick puking. It's been fun. Really.

Between 5:30 and 8:00 PM, I went through four changes of clothing, W went through four changes of clothing, I emptied the puke bowl (which doesn't work all that well for a 14-month-old, by the way. I'd put it in front of him when I could tell he was about to hurl, and he kept trying to shove it away and/or stick his hand in it) five or six times, I cleaned two dripping wet books and four different spots on the carpet, B brought me six or seven towels, and B almost puked just from seeing W throw up six time (that would have been more, I'm sure, but I sent him out to the store to pick up supplies).

The sitter and her kids had this pukey crap on Monday, and I guess it hadn't quite gone away by the time W got there yesterday. I feel bad for the poor kid. He cries every time he throws up. I'm hoping this bug is short-lived and he's better in the morning. And he doesn't puke through all two of our crib sheets tonight. And I'm really hoping that I don't come down with this. I have stuff I want to get done this weekend.

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Kelly said...

I hope he gets better for ya asap Em!! =0)