Saturday, December 26, 2009

Raising Forrest Gump

My child is slowly turning into Forrest Gump. Sort of. I mean, I’m pretty sure W has at least three-quarters of a brain in his little head. He’s way too sneaky to be that dumb. And he wears glasses. I don't think Forrest wore glasses.

Anywho, on top of his defective eustachian tubes, and his bug-eye glasses, he’s bowlegged. Bowlegged enough that a whole houseful of physical therapists told me that he needs to see an orthopedist, and one of the pediatricians in the practice we go to agreed.

I have no idea what they do for bowlegged kids (and won't until early next month), but I keep picturing these awful, Gump-esque leg braces. Poor kid.

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