Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not a convertible fan

Today was the first day of using the convertible car seat. I don't think I like it. Have to get the baby in and out of the seat at every stop was a major pain. I was getting a little tired of hauling his chunky butt plus 10 pounds of car seat everywhere (and my right knee was getting a little tired of having a six inch long strip of bruises from being hit by the seat with every step), but he was so darn portable that way! And the new car seat is GINORMOUS. I have a good-sized vehicle, and it pretty much blocks the entire passenger side window. Craziness. I'm hoping I grow to like it more as time goes on. The first impression hasn't been a very good one, though.

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Kelly said...

With as long as L is I'm fearing we'll be at the convertible stage very soon, I hate the way those seats are rear-facing..especially once the kids legs get longer and longer..those seats are a pain!