Friday, June 19, 2009

Ink me!

I want a tattoo. I've wanted one since I was 18, but hadn't ever really found anything I would want on my body when I'm 80, so I never got one. Gotta love maturity, right?

I'm pretty sure I've come up with something I want. I'm going to get it on my left foot, toward the outside edge (near the little toe). I need to talk to a tattoo artist to flesh out my idea before I get it done, but I'm close.

I just need to get up the nerve to get it done. Oh, and find a good place to get it done. As much as I want a tattoo, the whole thing makes me nervous. It's so...permanent. And ouchy. I'm going to do this. I just don't know when. Hopefully soon.


Chayce's Momma said...

Not sure how far you're willing to drive but there is a really good place in Delaware,OH. People travel from all over the country to go there. I got my one and only tattoo done there. If you want the info let me know!

Jen said...

I'm adding on to mine sometime soon, I think. I have it kinda sorta planned in my head...emphasis on the "kinda sorta" part.

I got mine done at one of the places in BG, but I totally can't remember which one. They were nice, but I smeared the pen outline before he started, and rather than redo it, the guy freehanded that part, so it's not as symmetrical as it was supposed to be. It's only obvious when I point it out, but it annoys me.

Lots of people like Infinite Art in TOL, but I really disliked the guy that did my ex's...I can't remember who that was, though. It didn't have a ton to do with his artistic skills so much as his people skills, so maybe it doesn't matter.

I'm super helpful today.