Saturday, May 16, 2009

He really loves me

The hickey. It's how teenagers and trailer-trash have been showing their love for centuries. And tonight, it's how my son showed his love for me (or at least for my jaw bone).

Yup, that's a baby hickey. I was sitting there playing with the kid, and he latched on to my face. No big deal, he's done it before. And he only sucked for a few seconds before I got him off. Half an hour or so later, B commented that he could still see a mark, and thought it was weird that it hadn't faded yet. When we got home (and somewhere with decent lighting), I looked at my jaw, and saw not the red mark I was expecting, but a full-blown bruise. My son gave me a hickey. I guess he really loves me.
Now, dear readers, does anyone have any home remedies for hickies? I don't want to have to explain this one at work on Monday...

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Jen said...

Option 1: Turtleneck, except that you're going to have to pull it up over your mouth to get it high enough, so that might not work.

Option 2: Display it proudly like a 14-year-old - in fact, turn your head specifically to show it off at every given opportunity.

Option 3: Makeup, but that's definitely not as fun and options 1 or 2.