Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, things are looking up. My appointment went well. I lost 3.5 pounds (probably all water weight); my swelling is down significantly; the nurse said I look slimmer; the doc thinks I look more rested, less stressed, and overall better; AND, most importantly, my BP is down some. It's still not great, but 124/86 is better than 137/91. And all this because my wonderful, amazing doctor decided I need to be working from home. I'm only four days into it, and look at all the improvements! If I've never mentioned that I love my OB, I'm doing it now. That woman is awesome. Also, the doc thinks there's a slight chance the baby might be breech, but she doesn't really think it is. We'll apparently find out for sure at my next appointment because that's when the internals start. The fun just never stops, does it?

In other news, we started our childbirth classes tonight. I apparently took the "wait to take the classes until you're further along" advice from everyone in the world a little too far. I'm the most pregnant person in the class. By kinda a lot. I mean, it's a five week class, and I'm due in six. Oops. So far, I'm not entirely sure this is going to do us any good, but I'll give it another week or so. At least I got a massage out of it tonight. B was being a very good coach tonight. Now all I need to do is talk him into giving me another one before bedtime. I couldn't get an appointment for a real massage until Wednesday, and my back is killing me.

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